I hid the candy. When I got home from the store the kids were in the house and I didn’t want them to see it so I stashed it. Last night I looked for it for an hour but couldn’t find it. Now I will tell you that AKA’s home is cottage-like in size and as you might expect, very organized and uncluttered (because she is going to die one day and doesn’t want her children having to sort through tiny scraps of paper and drawerfuls of old take-out menus and receipts and yes her children are young but AKA tends to make these  types of things a priority).  AKA prides herself on her tidy home but damn it all I could NOT find that bag!  So the unsolicited advice for today: don’t pick on people with memory problems – it will be you one day!

Have a lovely Valentines Day whether it’s with your sweetheart, your children or your friend.  Send somebody some flowers, call your Mom and/or Dad and be thankful for having people to love. Don’t procrastinate there chickens!  It’s as good as day as any to remember that life is short – enjoy it!