What should I wear to my upcoming job interview? I want to dress to impress, but not look too desperate or “overdressed”.

A navy blue suit with a ruffled collar shirt, nude hose and matching pumps. Ha, ha, ha!! Just kidding. But it certainly conjures up an image doesn’t it? From about 1983.

Ok, AKA is dating herself here. But seriously – and thankfully – job interview attire has changed with the times. It depends now on what type of job you are applying for. The rule of thumb should be to dress as you would on the most important day at work if you indeed got the job (and fyi the answer to none of the following questions is black cocktail dress).  If you are applying for a job as a teacher, what would you wear on conference day or All School Assembly day? If you are applying for a corporate job, what would you wear on the day the Board of Directors came to the office to meet? (and no young hipsters, it does NOT matter if it is a ‘casual Friday’) If you are in a creative line of work, don’t be afraid to express your creativity – to a degree – in what you wear. Playing it safe is a good rule of thumb and a suit will work for many positions you are applying for but who would hire a designer in a boring suit? And who would hire a teacher in club-clothes? Look grown up but look like you – the very best you.

And this brings us to the most important point of all – the pointiest point if you will.   Be clean!!  Above everything else – your clothes and shoes and you should be impeccable. No one hires dirty people – especially not AKA. Yuck. No threads, no missing buttons, no old, scuffed shoes, no un-ironed shirts, no dog-hair covered coat, no tarnished jewelry, no scruffy beard, no unwashed hair. Your interviewer should be listening and paying attention to you and not wondering, ‘I wonder if that is coffee or blood on her blouse?’ Our minds wander so easily darlings, be sure your clothes don’t grab more attention than you do.