Should I stay in my rental apartment or spend all my savings and buy a condo?

That all depends – are you a buyer or a renter? Buying a condo or house has as much to do with your personality as with your finances. Believe me, AKA knows the pain of the Buyer Cult and their brash Nostradamus-type warnings, ‘You’re throwing your money away renting!’, ‘interest rates are historically low, you’re a fool not to buy!’

Someone tried that one on AKA back in 2003. Hmmm…AKA is feeling rather smug about not listening to them.

Who the hell cares how low the frickin’ interest rates are?  If you don’t have enough money you don’t have enough money. AKA is tired of people pushing us all to live beyond our means. What the hell is wrong with renting? Unless you are very sure that you are hanging around the same area for the next ten-year AND unless you are damn sure you have at least $20K  in the bank after purchasing (for things like, you know, a new roof, a new furnace, flood insurance, property taxes – little things like that)  AND unless you are sure you enjoy spending time at home on the weekend actually working on your home then, you are NOT a buyer. You are a renter. Enjoy your lifestyle – you chose it. Perhaps you will become a buyer one day but don’t think you are going to buy something, ignore it and then sell it at a profit 3 years from now when you and your girlfriend decide to pop out a baby or your job moves you to St. Louis.  It doesn’t work that way.