AKA, my sister-in-law is getting married. It’s in the middle of the winter, at someone’s ski house. The normal wedding attire (at least what I usually think of) won’t really work – there is so much snow on the ground I couldn’t even make it from the car to the house in pumps. However, I don’t want to under-dress and offend anyone. Got any ideas? I know the bride is not wearing a traditional wedding dress but she did go shopping in the city to find something special.

Oh fabulous! An opportunity to muse on one my favorite subjects – boots! Do you have a pair of boots darling? If you do and you love them then let’s use those boots as the foundation for your outfit. If not, hey, it’s February, a better time to get boots for a steal does not exist. Go buy some pretty, pretty boots – and I don’t mean snow boots or Wellies or Uggs! Wear these boots with tights. Now you look sexy, pretty, dressed up and weather appropriate. Wear them when you go shopping for that new dress or that skirt and sparkly sweater combo – it helps to be wearing them when you are trying things on.  No need to dress like it is summer. In fact, AKA detests it when people wear things that are out of season – including those starlets on the red carpet.  I can abide the sleeveless cocktail dress since you presumably walked in wearing a coat but naked legs? Open toed shoes? Pink chiffon? WTF are you people thinking? AKA was at an event the other night where she was surrounded by young girls who clearly didn’t know any better and I just stared at them wondering how they got to the party without succumbing to the cold. It was 12 degrees out – 12!!!  I threw a blanket over a couple of them to save them from frostbite as well as their unimaginable lack of style and common sense.

I am not asking you to give into winter’s grinding grayness and emotionally draining snowstorms (can you tell that winter has AKA in her grip?) and attend these winter weddings and dinner parties in fleece and sensible shoes. But neither do we need to break out the sandals and mini-dresses because darlings, you’ll just look like you went over the edge. Boots! Sexy, hairy-leg-covering, weather appropriate boots! Start with those and you can’t go wrong.